Balla Dear

by Balla Dear

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This is my 4th Balla Dear album. It's called "Balla Dear".
These songs were written over the course of 2014 while we were on the road. Much of it was written with specific people or places in mind.
"War Horse" was first played in front of an actual audience in Bauxite, Arkansas for Richard Douglas and church. That song is henceforth dedicated to him.
"Recollections Of You" & "Wild Mountain Dream" were written while spending hours in the Rhema Workshop watching Bill Hodge craft his wonderful works of musical art in guitars.
"Ballad Of Hannah (Hang On)" was a song specifically written for Larry and Hannah Overton in Corpus Christi, Tx.
"Joyful Noise" was written for my three girls.
"Plato's Cave" was actually written 7 years ago, but was requested for this album by Jon Waughtal.
Other than that, I'll leave it right there. Hope you find something here that touches your heart, moves your feet, and evokes lovingkindness.
Fight Fear, Make Art! Fiat Musica! To God be the Glory!


released March 23, 2015

Recorded January-February 2015 at The Preacher's Cottage in Dexter, Kansas.
All songs by Patrick Steele 2015, Rough Draft Music*
Mastered by Bruce Neher at Disc & Dat.
Front cover collage "The Holy Past, Present, Future Ghost" by Patrick Steele.
All album art & layout by Chris Taylor.
Duplicated & constructed at Core Media by Rick Hutcherson.

Patrick played 2 guitars on this album. Rhema Rhapsody and a Rhema Wordsong, both handmade by Bill Hodge at Rhema.
He also played an F mandolin borrowed from Mr Tim Durham in
Ark City, KS.
He also borrowed a violin bass guitar from Mr Gary E. Peterson in Dexter.
Besides that, he tried his best to make a djembe, a tambourine and various pieces of percussion sound like a deranged drum kit.
Much thanks to Mom & Pop for letting us stay at your place for so long, and patiently allowing me the use of The Preacher's Cottage.
Thank you Tim & Gary for the use of your beautiful instruments.

Extra thank you's:

Oden Fong-thank you for the friendship, building me up in the Lord, and the encouragement.

Richard Douglas-my brother, mentor from afar, & great bearded one, I appreciate you tremendously "War Horse" was written before I knew you, but it is undoubtedly dedicated to you forevermore bro.

Craig & Tanya Rose-Thank you both (and the girls) for taking us in, and treating us like immediate family! We pray for you often.

Chris Taylor-thank you my old friend for believing in what I'm doing, and for patiently creating what I want, and rolling with the punches when I don't know what I want. Grace and peace to you.

Bill Hodge-thank you brother from another mother (actually, she's my mom now too!) Thanks for letting me bounce stuff off of you, and being understanding of my quirky stubbornness. You and Susan are forever dear to us! And you make AMAZING guitars. (And oatmeal)

Louie & Yolie Delgado. Thank you for loving, teaching, admonishing, and pastoring us. Thank you Calvary NewLife for your amazing support! Treasures in heaven...

Jon & Lisa Waughtal, you guys are the greatest friends we've ever had. Thank you both for everything you do for us! (Criminal Miiiinnndddssss...)

And to everyone who has had us stay in their home, eat their food, and support what we do, we love you all!

Laura, my Lolo, "tiger-fly" "elephant shoe" I'm a boo-gala!
We're in this to the end of the line, and then some.



all rights reserved


Balla Dear Texas

Songs born out of trial and triumph, Balla Dear explores the dichotomy of the human condition, the physical and the spiritual. From deep in the heart of South Texas, Balla Dear muses in the medium of Southern Folk, Country Gospel, and Folk Ballad. The themes are evident; peace and solace amidst one's own undoing. Sacrificial love is by far the greatest gift among men. ... more

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Track Name: A Feral Praise
(Romans 8)

Thunder clapped and shook the ground, the trees did bend a knee
For such ovation we would rise in fear and dignity

Wild earth, intrepid man, married in a hilt
Tis a bond wrought bittersweet, a jaded altar built

Creation groans the dirge of life, that we do not extol
The nearer we approach the end, we'll shed our skin for soul

In eager longing here I wait, revealing of the Son
Subjected to futility, from bondage to freedom

Thunder clapped and cracked the sky, the trees did bend a knee
An accolade of "Gloria", SPIRIT-LIFE-PEACE
Track Name: Vagabond Love Song
The scene is finally waking up, behold the NEW it has begun, changing out the OLD
And here I lay my body down, like that old wine poured on the ground, emptying my soul

For you and I we chase the light, riding on that sun-bound train
Darling let's leave the stars behind, and we can sparkle in the rain

I've got my bags all packed with LOVE and a pocket full of CHARITY, HOPE is on the wind
And FAITH to move the mountain down, and to burgeon the weary, again and again and again

You and I we chase the light, riding on that sun-bound train
Darling let's leave the stars behind, and do some singing in the rain

Track Name: Hey Babe!
Hey Babe, I'm writing this for you, and I'm leaving out the metaphors this time
Like "Flowers In The Window" or "Jangle Of My Heart", and I'm not even gonna try to rhyme

Hey Babe, you are my "loverly", and you are "My Fair Lady"
And I'm humble that you "Stand By Me", hey Babe, hey Babe

I was barely a man until you held my hand, everywhere we go people understand, that it's not you, and it's not me, it's us TOGETHER
Bound for "GLORY BE"

Hey Babe, I'm singing this to you, and I hope that you smile before I'm through
You always "Love Me Tender" "Always On My Mind", and every love song ever sang, is for you...

Hey Babe, I've tried and I have failed, but I have also won a few
And you have always been there helping me along
Track Name: Olive Squeeze
Lord Oh Lord I'm begging please, I can't see forest for the trees
You started something in my soul, but I still see a heart of coal

You're working out the dross in me, just like old Gethsemane
You've got me fixed before your face, between the Rock and the Hardest Place

Lay me down upon the funeral pyre, oh my Lord your hands of love, they put me in the fire

Here I am in custody, a prisoner of liberty, take me higher on my knees
Lay to waste my vanity

Here I fall upon the stone, in agony and broken bone
Let me rest here in this grave, my blood cries "If thou would but save"
Track Name: War Horse
Rest evades me like a fox in chase, trying to hide but there is no place
The night is howling terror in the dark, melting down my candle laden heart

Can't run away in side this waking dream, my legs are the roots of an old dead tree
Gathering wind comes like an angry mob, Oh my soul is fading in the fog

Here I'm bound in shackles and chains, until the War Horse descends
Left here to die in that Earth-bound rain, until the War Horse descends

He descends, from over the hill
Coming around the mountain
With Iron Will
He's coming swiftly
Ring them Bells
Oh my soul is lost and found, until the War Horse descends

Lords and Laymen come up from the ground, tooth and claw each other for a crown
I hereby witness that the crown won't save, for both go down together in the grave

I learned long ago the wayward road, far above the hidden WAY OF OLD
But I was told to go the ANCIENT PATH, so I gave up all I had, to have

Spied a horse out in the misty morn, his steamy breath hung in the cold forlorn
His eye was piercing through my wretched frame, a flickering window shuddered by a flame
Track Name: Recollections Of You
Feasted bleary eyed, repose table side
We're all gathered in the room, the bride ignores the groom

Serene candle light, flickering twilight
As you raise up your glass, and broken bread you pass

Where do we go from here? The hymns still hang in the air
I'm stuck here in my doubt, as you go to the Mount
That old Olive Grove

I saw you inside the eye of my mind, long after that day you left in the sky
And you will come again, just as it began, from the heavens

You told us to wait for a power to come, when the Holy Old Ghost has come upon, and you will come again, just as it began, from the heavens

As we were gazing those two men stood by, in the whitest of robes, asking us "Why?" Cause you will come again, just as it began, from the heavens.
Track Name: Plato's Cave
Simple, safe, and such security, you're telling me
"Don't ask questions, just be still", But still
Living dead in great apostasy, conformity
Doesn't make a cure for ills in me
Comfort stagnant cesspool easy chair, unaware
Isn't where I want to live with you

Be true, be brave, get out of Plato's Cave
In the sun, again, let us raise up from this grave

Sickles, hammers ring, and bullets sing, but not with me
Such are wielded by the hands that sting
Living small in days of blasphemy, depravity
Keeps my "foot lamp" moving narrowly
Bomb blast lying lips broad truth or dare, unaware
Isn't where I want to live with you

I'm waking up in the pouring rain
I'm waking up in the pouring rain
I'm waking up in the pouring rain
Track Name: Fool's Lament
Golden gods at the foot of the mountain, golden sands on the beach of the sea
Everyman bows down and he kisses the ground of an age old idolatry

A shining axe in the stump of a foothold, carving out of the rotted divide
How the sign of your dirty redemption, cost your life blood, speckled with pride

Go away, go away now, go away with your fool's lament
Here I must stay, here I must linger, and dig up the love you buried in cement

While I linger here in the minefield, I can see how much you have bled
And even still that water is bleeding from the Rock, from the side where my dirty boots have tread

A silver dagger stained with my conscience, seared and strangled there upon my belt
I felt nothing in the darkness of a stoney old heart, until I tripped over that hell that you built

Blushing sky in the presence of strangers, falls into that hollering creek
Reddish hues they foreshadow the dangers, cutting off all the cries of the meek

Madness rips out the soul of all wonder, like that old man lost in his field
Tearing soil with a misguided finger, never knowing the sin he will yield

I'm a babe wrapped up in a blanket, laid to waste on that old man's path, but the Hand of Grace is upon my waist, and untying that old dagger's wrath

I'm giving back all your vials of poison, and handing over your coat filled with lead
And don't you worry your poor little frame of mind, your daddy's got the knife for the blood that you shed
Track Name: Ballad Of Hannah (Hang On)
I can't believe the news today, seven years ago they had you put away
A mother's love was hanging in the stars, a Father's will was right there behind prison bars

Hannah, you don't know me, I don't know you
But I've been on my knees interceding through
These seven years I knew you were alright
Cause that darkened hall, well it needed some light

You kept the torch lit all along, undaunted, though it won't be long

It ain't strange to find rapids on the river, it ain't strange to find danger in the flow
The Spirit moves when we surrender all we are and let go, let go, hang on, hang on, let go

The most unlikely of all criminals, but we are everyone guilty when we're born
His ways and means are far above us all, He mends the tattered and the broken and the torn

You are a songbird with the sweetest song, encaged with hopeless souls who could not carry on
But you have shown them how to sing along, and that darkened hall is now a bright rejoicing throng
Track Name: Wild Mountain Dream
Deep in the heart, and hidden beneath
At the foot of the Aspen whose brother's did sway
You came to me in the dance of the giants
"Hello old friend..." and what could I say?

Have I sinned again, could I make amends
Of my wandering so far from my home?

Old skeleton town where the ghosts on the frost
Sting on my face, with a numbness they boast
Flames licked the wind, and the wind punched them backed
Both sinners and saints raised their glass in a toast...

I saw you again when I laid down my head
And my lady was with me, gripping my hand
Holding on tightly for fear of the horn
That blasted the silence, and shook all the land...
Track Name: Joyful Noise
Lope Love, you're my girl, the princess of my heart
In the morning you arise, both sunshine and the tart
I'm your knight and always will protect you in the dark
And play your game, just call my name
You set me all a-spark

And my heart is a song, ever since you came along
A joyful noise follows you around, and a happy day is any day
That I can hear the sound of you!

Bea my Love, my fragile dove, my brooding little flower
You're the poem of our home, the sanguine and the dour
A tragicomedy you are, just like your old dad
I wrote this song, to help you along, the good days and the bad days...

Lady Lolo you're my Babe, my Lover and my Friend
Every single day with you, my life is Born Again
"Tiger-Fly" "Me-Oh-My", our love is beyond true
You make me laugh and sing and cry
"Boo-Gala" and "Elephant-Shoe"