Blood From A Stone

by Balla Dear

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Conceived and executed in 3 months, spanning December '13- February '14. Artwork layout and design was fearfully and wonderfully made by Chris Taylor. Mastered by Bruce Neher at Disc & Dat. Wares were constructed by Rick Hutcherson at Core Media.
All rights reserved Patrick Steele 2014 Rough Draft Music.
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released March 20, 2014

Balla Dear is the “heart-istic” expression of Patrick Steele.
The songs were played and sung using the following instruments:
Guitars- Rhema Rhapsody, Guild GAD 30, The Loar LO16
Ukulele- Lanikai Pear
Percussion- Djembe, Shakers, Eggs, Sticks, Tambourine, Hand Claps
Harmonicas- Assorted harps by Seydel, Suzuki, and Hohner
Strings and Organs played by Mr. M.B.G.
And my friend Jon Waughtal played his upright Wurlitzer Piano and sang along on track 7.

All artwork created from the mind of Chris Taylor.
Mastered by Bruce Neher at Disc & Dat
All songs written by Patrick Steele copyright 2014 Rough Draft Music
*Except “Here At Your Feet” by Danny Donnelly copyright 2005 Be Nice Publishing
Tremendous thanks to Danny Donnelly for his kind permission to record his song.

Much gratitude goes out to these faithful people:
Laura Jo, my Luv; Mom & Pop; Jon & Lisa Waughtal; Richard & MK and family; Chris Taylor for your unwavering support, lifelines, and amazing art; Bill Hodge at Rhema Guitars for building the instruments I play, and your valuable friendship; Bill Mallonee for talking sense, passion, love, and inspiration into me; Bap Kennedy for digging my tunes and for every song you ever wrote; Paul Clark for “Down At The Whistle Stop” and your kindness toward me, Allan Aguirre for the long conversations and encouragement; Hector and Jennifer Velarde the Eternal Gypsys, Louie Delgado for being my mentor, leader, and my friend; Rick Hutcherson for the hard work and making the wares that I peddle; Bruce Neher for your masterful mastering; Mark, Gus, and John down at Guitar Tex for being the quintessential guitar shop and for helping me so much; Calvary New Life you are my family; and to everyone who is holding this in their hands, reading, listening...
Thank you.



all rights reserved


Balla Dear Texas

Songs born out of trial and triumph, Balla Dear explores the dichotomy of the human condition, the physical and the spiritual. From deep in the heart of South Texas, Balla Dear muses in the medium of Southern Folk, Country Gospel, and Folk Ballad. The themes are evident; peace and solace amidst one's own undoing. Sacrificial love is by far the greatest gift among men. ... more

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Track Name: Eternal Gypsy (It Is Well)
With a guitar in my hand and a merry little band
We are setting out across this land
Through unchartered waters to the end of the line
We found our way in a Song, and in that song we find

That the music is a prayer that's turning the course of every heart
Then the heart starts learning and the soul is yearning
To be hugging tightly on the loving arms of Absolution
Stretched out and singing, “Whosoever come”
Into the arms of the One who shines
Into the arms of the One who shines, shining over you

Step by step upon the stepping stone, To a place that we've never known
Comforts left behind us we are moving on, The Way of Life is the Truth written in this song
Track Name: Pennyfootin'
My words are just pennies thrown into a well
They glisten and shimmer, and they fall right where they fell
My deeds are my dollars, and worth every cent
My actions worth millions, my mouth is all but spent

So can we strap these Gospel shoes onto our lazy feet?
Trade cheap talk for a costly walk, and labor in the street?
In the street, let's get on with it!

These motions of love, dear, sweet acts of kindness
They are better than rubies, more precious than a kiss
Your knowledge is vain, my friend, and bad for your health
If you're just tossin' pennies, and squandering your wealth

Let's put into practice, this labor of love
And show everybody, just what your heart's made of
If faith is an action, then faith can be bled
So put faith into motion, cause without you're as good as dead
Track Name: Reminiscence
I took a walk down that old street, I remember well, right where we would meet
Those conversations that we would have, and all the words you said, still weigh on me
The boy that I was then, I love him so
The man I have become, he did not know
What would he say? Where would he go?

My daughters ask me about him, and all the things he did way back when
They wonder if he was the same, as the man they know who's raising them
The boy that I was then, I love him so
The man I have become, he did not know
What could he say? Where could he go?

He was a young boy full of dreams, without direction, without a scheme
He had a lightbulb up in his head, switching on and off, by some other Means
The boy that I was then, I love him so
The man I have become, he did not know
What should he say? Where should go?

I am amazed by where I have been, and the memories of where I might end
That old path we take to reach the past, could be your enemy, or it might be your friend
The boy that I was then, I love him so
The man I have become, he did not know
What will I say? Where will I go?
Track Name: Bewilderness
There's smoke out on the highway, where devastation beats his drum
And all the *dark desires of madmen
Would skin my neck with a wicked thumb
Most days I find that it's relentless, this war we wage within our hearts
Are we fighting to have plenty, and leaving Love to beg and starve?
Now there's blood upon the water, where still and peace used to abide
Rivers are flowing with a poison, the will of God and man collide
There is a melody on my mouth, there is a song within my heart
My head is filled up with a music, the politics of faith and art
This song was written by a kind Bird, that every man has tried to tame
He is as gentle as a white dove, and he's as dangerous as a flame
He's calling out to every people, to every tribe, and kin, and tongue
To go the way of devastation, or to his wing's asylum
What will you do with this dilemma? Elusive Bird, and the way of man
Brother and sister come together, repent, relent, revive, be reborn, if you can.
*(Lyric by Bap Kennedy)
Track Name: Voice Crying Out
The wild wind is whistling through the night like an old hymn, that is moaning and mourning the day
The darkess is settling down around the valley like a blanket, over every son of earth as he lay
The misty eyed moon, with her face fixed in festoons, hanging timeless with a reverent repose
Her pale heart is glowing and her visage is bestowing, light on every mans ways and woes

There's a rustling in the lumbering leaves
There's a creaking at the Ancient Door
There's a bristling on the mane of a terrible horse
There's a voice crying out in the wilderness
Make the crooked way straight for the Lord, oh my Lord

An old clock is ticking as it tocks to the tune, of Father Time humming wearily his song
He's added up the hours on a path of dying flowers, they are noble for a moment, then they're gone
He's much older than me, but a child is he, just a yearling to his Maker and his Host
He was made for the grade of the seasons and the motions of all men, he's an ageless ghost

There's a plumb line made to be empty
There's a night creature nestled in the thorns
There's a howling in the wind as the ending is beginning
There's a voice crying out in the wilderness
Make the crooked way straight, for the Lord
Track Name: Here At Your Feet
Here at your feet, Jesus is light
Here at the cross you gave your life
Grace poured out over me, forgiven for eternity
You gave me life, your love rescued me, for all that you are, I'm here at your feet

Here at your feet, Jesus is grace
Here at the cross, Jesus forgave
Grace poured out over me, forgiven for eternity
You gave me life, your love rescued me, for all that you are, I'm here at your feet

Where you are great, where you are strong, where you make right everything wrong
Your love pours out, your Spirit comes down, where the songs sung are true
At your feet Jesus, at your feet, my Lord, at your feet Jesus, I'm home
Track Name: On Your Knees
You've got everything at your fingertips,
You've got a chip on your shoulder
Too much time on your hands,
And no time, no time, on your knees, on your knees

Your eye is on the ball, and your feet in the sand,
But this ball keeps spinning around, and you just can't stand
So get down, close to the ground,
Get on your knees, on your knees
Track Name: The Fold
Abba Father, You made me into your child
Abba Father, You grafted me in from the wild
And though I may sometimes fear
It's Your Spirit drawing me near
Into the love of the fold

Abba Father, Your delay in the valley is sweet
Abba father, You're correcting my wayward feet
And though I may sometimes stray
It's Your Staff that would have me stay
Close to the love of the fold

Abba Father, how I've rendered my heart over You
Abba Father, You have tendered my heart brand new
And though I lack words to say
It's Your Son that would teach me to pray
For Your will, and Your love of the fold
Track Name: Blood From A Stone
Deep in the heart of an ancient dream, your soul is stripped from the bone
That mob of flesh with their torches lit, descend upon the throne
A firebrand so bloodthirsty, traipsing over the coals
How can you knock on the door of hell, and then take a holy stroll

Fighting and raging beneath your breath
For a prize hidden deep below
You teeter on the path of love and death
Finally to draw blood from a stone

A man you knew from an age ago, is dead and laid to rest
Yet on your pillow you still hear him, wail and beat on his breast
Horrible his heady gaze inside your cavern heart
A Manxim Foe with a grip of woe, he lurks in every part
Track Name: Archetypal Dream
Come David come, come down to the weeping tree
Play your harp and sing a song, along with me
Sing “Doe of the Dawn” and “Dove Far Off Away”
Down to the oak of Abraham, we will stay
Come David come, down to the weeping tree
We will inquire and seek the Lord on bended knee
Darkness is Your secret place, darkness underneath my feet
The Rider of the Cherub comes upon the Wind and the Wing

Well I set my hand upon the plow, and I can not turn back
Soon to overtake the reapers there in the fields of Abraham
Then I came upon the threshing floor, and the winepress had begun
The Sower with his seeds just hung his head, for he'd been overcome

Well this plow is now a sword in my hand, soon to be a plow again
Though I am weak I say “I am strong”, wake up you mighty men
Moses ready your tune my friend, Miriam get your tambourine
Deborah join in the harmony, the Lord's Annointed sing, they sing
Track Name: For Better Or Worse
Oh my friend, I will stick around for awhile
Don't you know, I will always go the extra mile
You can count on me being right here by your side
I will be your partner long after you've died

And then I can truly give
The life that you always wanted to live
Believe me when I say this is because
I love you!

Oh my friend, I will ask the same thing of you
Don't you know, your lies will never make me untrue
You can count, on me being right here by your side
I will remain faithful, long after you've lied

And then you will surely see
The life that you wanted was always me
Believe me when I say this again
I love you!